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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fit on the boat?

Six passengers per boat (this does not include captain or crew)

Does the boat have a restroom?


Are there any seating on the boat?

For seating on the boat we have plenty of comfy bean bag chairs, which happens to be the most  enjoyable seat you can imagine. On calm waters the big coffin box makes for a big comfortable seat with a view, we also have a small bench seat behind the Captains console.

Tell me about the boat. What will we be fishing on?

The Boat is a  11/2018 35' Cape Fear Catamaran all Aluminum 100% welded Custom Build, which is the most fuel efficient and spacious Catamaran out of Venice. It is powered by Mercury Twin 350 hp / 700 hp supercharged engines which are most fuel efficient. The Frayed Knot is loaded with the most updated SIMRAD Electronics on the market today along with FLIR Infared & a Nite Track Night Vision Cameras to make it as SAFE as it can be inclement weather, rain, fog & during overnight Charters. 

What happens if it rains?

In the case it rains or maybe the sun gets to be too much, it is still not a problem to continue our day and catch more fish because the boat has a big cover that will keep you out of any unpleaseant conditions.

What should I bring with me for our fishing trip?

On your offshore trip all of the equipment necessary to catch the fish is provided by the company. The only thing your crew needs to bring is your own food, drinks, rain gear, and most important sunscreen! On a typical fishing trip your crew should have at least two sandwiches per person, two cases of water, any other assortment of beverages, and snacks. We have a spacious insulated ice chest built in behind the Captains Console with a seat on top. This usually suits your crew just fine for your fishing trip. 

How long does each trip last?

Day trips shove off from Venice Marina around 6:00 am and can last up to 12hrs, or until you are ready to come back. One of our most successful types of trips are our over-nighters. On one of these trips its definitely more than twice the fun, because there are many different styles of fishing you can do at night time that you can't do during the day. On these overnighters we leave the marina and return about 24hrs later, therefore twice the food and beverages is needed.

Do many people get sea sick?

The boat has two hulls deep into the water which makes for an enjoyable and calm ride even if the waters get a little rough. Therfore, the small percentage of people that do get sea sick, usually not on this boat.

Is the fishing seasonal?

When we speak of Seasons we do not mean " Our " Summer, Spring, Winter  or Fall. I am in reference to our Seasonal Migration Habits of Blue Water Species. January through late April is what we call our

" LUMP " Season, meaning we fish over & under water lumps (hills) in the Gulf surrounded by deep water. Most are just a short ride out and this is known as the 2nd most favorite time of the year for most Charter Captains. From the beginning of October until late December, is what we refer to as our Shrimp Boat Season. This is the most High Intensity, Heart-Pumping Season we have, and Definitely MY FAVORITE. And I'm Definitely not talking about playing Bubba Gump and picking through millions of shrimp. This time of year TUNA records can be SHATTERED, not to mention when you find the Shrimp Boats they are eating behind, you got'em ! The TUNAS follow the Shrimp Boats everywhere and sometimes we can be in less than 100 feet of water and can basically see the land. The next season is called Summertime which is usually late April to the end of September, and is by far the most popular season due to Very Nice Weather, almost every day. We fish a little further out, sometimes past 50 miles depending on the water quality, bait migration and other scientific stuff that scientists haven't even figured out. This time of year is when we do the majority of over-night trips. On a good Day Trip Charter it is totally possible to Harvest many Yellowfin Tunas ( averaging from 60-100 lbs. ), big blackfin tunas, mahi-mahi's, sail fish, sword fish, red snapper ( when in season ), an assortment of other snappers / groupers, amberjacks and other reef fishes, etc, etc, etc!!

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